Friday, July 25, 2008

More water lilies?

I've posted photos from our backyard pond before, but I just can't resist... yesterday, we had a double bloom on our water lily, and DH got a great photo of it. Isn't this a beauty?

Sadly, these gorgeous 4-inch blooms only last for two days, then they're gone. Cutting them doesn't work very well, they close up at day's end and don't reopen.

So we have to enjoy them while they last!

We've had lots of much-needed rain this week, courtesy of Hurricane Dolly, which thankfully didn't come anywhere near my area. Our pond is home to quite a few frogs and toads, and they serenade us all through the night (and day). They've been especially noisy this week - apparently, they're really enjoying the wet weather!

While trimming the groundcover around the pond last week, DH found a small snake - he said it wasn't a bad kind, but still made me a little nervous - I may have to rethink my habit of walking barefooted in the backyard!

I'm glad to report that I've been getting in more knitting time lately. I have hooked up with several knitting friends, and we meet weekly to knit together. I am making good progress on my Wrap Me Up shawl (pattern from Knitting at Knoon) in Noro Silk Garden. Today, I picked out my beads for the shawl, can't wait to see how they look knitted in place. I'll post more project details on my Great Yarn Company shop blog tomorrow.

Take care, and stay out of the heat!


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