Friday, March 07, 2008

Eye Candy - long time no see!

Finally, some Eye Candy. Bet you thought I'd forgotten all about it, eh? This is Blue Heron Rayon Metallic - beautiful, isn't it? I love the little sparkly bits... and that chocolate one has copper bits instead of gold - very nice. More about this yarn below...

It's been really weird around here weather-wise - cold and dry, cold and wet, warm and dry, warm and wet, pretty much any combination you can think of - makes it hard to figure out how to dress each day. Guess I shouldn't complain, this is a lot better than the severe winter much of the country has endured this year. We've got it pretty good here in coastal Texas - the azaleas in my back yard are blooming again and everything's starting to green up already.

We're very excited - our second grandson is due this month - his big brother was born on St. Valentine's Day, so I told my daughter she needs to shoot for St. Patrick's Day with this one, to keep the pattern going - it's gonna be close, I think!

You'd think I'd be knitting lots of baby things, right? Wrong. I'm still working on the "eternal socks" - no, that's not the pattern name, that's what I've dubbed the socks I've been working on for ages for dear hubby. The only time I work on them is Monday nights with my knitting group (hi, Clackers!) - and I'm starting to be embarrassed to show up with the same project week after week. Although it is kinda nice that everyone seems so impressed that I'm knitting them two at a time. (It's not that hard. Really.) So I use that as my excuse for being so slow on this project - see, I'm really knitting two socks at once, so it takes twice as long. Yeah, that's the ticket.

So about that Blue Heron. It's one of the many new yarns I've just added to Great Yarn Company. (You knew I'd have to mention Great Yarn Company, right? When you own a yarn shop, you love knitting, and you have a knitting blog, it's only natural that all three topics sort of merge, wouldn't you agree?)

The few past weeks have been really great. I've been receiving box after box of gorgeous yarns and enjoying fondling them, er, taking photos of them, for the website. This is a HUGE box of Rowan Kidsilk Haze that arrived a couple of hours ago - it's incredibly beautiful - took all my willpower to not just jump into the box! I'll be petting, I mean, photographing it ASAP!

Most of our new yarns are already available at Great Yarn Company - Noro Kureyon and Silk Garden (and Kureyon Sock is on the way, yea!!), Mission Falls 1824 Wool and 1824 Cotton, Frog Tree Alpaca, the afore-mentioned Blue Heron, and lots more.

And last but not least, we've got great patterns from Y2 Knit, Heartstrings Fiber Arts, Cabin Fever, Knitting at Knoon, and Noni. These will be on our website very soon. Here's a sneak peak - aren't those stuffed animals too cute? Kinda makes my fingers itch for needles. Hmmm... I really should do some baby knitting...

So that's life these days at Chez Sue. It's all good. Knitting (or pretending to), playing with new yarns as they come in, looking forward to grandson #2, and enjoying the fact that we don't live in ice and snow territory. See ya soon!


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