Thursday, January 18, 2007

A month already? Oh my...

How on earth did I let an entire month (okay, a month plus 10 days) go by without a single post? Admittedly, I'm new at this whole blogging thing, but really - if you're gonna tell people you started a blog, you ought to post a little more often, huh?

So what's on the needles? First, I started the Holly sweater from the cover of Naturally Noro, using some Noro Transitions that I snagged for just over half price on eBay - not a bad deal at all. I've done a couple of nights worth of knitting on the back, and I'm realizing that although I'm spot on with my gauge, and the back is exactly the width it should be, said width is probably not going to be wide enough. Sigh.

Before casting on for Holly, I gave much thought to which size sweater I should choose, and now, in hindsight, despite all that analysis, I think maybe I chose the wrong size. Sometimes I wonder if I'd make better decisions by just jumping in, like the intellectual equivalent of "point and shoot." Don't think it through so much, just do it... naahhh, I like the analysis process too much, and it usually does result in a better decision. Really, it does. I think.

For Eye-Candy Friday, here's your first look at Coco - our spunky little bob-tailed tabby. Don't let her relaxed pose fool you, she's definitely a cat with attitude, a bossy little thing!

Here, she's taking her afternoon siesta on top of my Holly-sweater-in-progress. You can just barely see the knitting under her, so I'll have to show you how nicely the colors are striping some other time. (Can't move the cat, now can we?)

Fortunately she pretty much ignores yarn, even when she's on my lap while I'm knitting socks with the yarn pulling across her back. She actually seems to enjoy the whole process and watches with great interest.

I'm having fun with the Noro Transitions yarn - it's very aptly named, as it does transition noticeably from one stretch to the next, both in color and fiber - very interesting to knit with. The texture changes are particularly fascinating as the yarn slides through my fingers - sometimes just a normal wool feeling, sometimes a bit scrunchy, and sometimes deliciously soft with a lovely halo, which I attribute to the angora.

I admit to a certain degree of compulsiveness with my knitting, and yes, I am trying to keep the color sequences in order on each sweater piece as I change balls of yarn. I have sort of convinced myself not to try to match stripes exactly for front and back, since Noro is notoriously difficult to match, but we'll see if my resolve holds when I start working on the next piece and can see how it all looks together.

To accomplish the correct sequencing of colors, I wound mucho balls of yarn, because every time I hit a knot, which distrupts the sequence, I'd stop that ball and start a new one. This resulted in my converting nine skeins into 16 balls of yarn, so on average, I'm getting one knot per skein. I think that's to be expected with Noro, from what others have said. Doesn't really affect my impression of Transitions overall - despite the occasional twigginess, I really like the look and feel I'm getting.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, I see that little twinkle of attitude in your cat's eyes! Cute!

2:42 PM  
Blogger Bonne Marie said...

I am totally with you in bossing the Noro around - random usually looks just too wonky for my lifestyle.

Even when you *match* the stuff, it still has a nice slightly unequal striping goin on that keeps it just interesting enough!

6:32 AM  

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