Thursday, March 01, 2007

Time really does fly.

How time flies when you're working 60+ hours per week! You may recall that I was job-hunting some weeks ago. I have good news to report on that front - I did start a new job a few weeks back, and I'm liking it a lot so far.

Unfortunately the location I'm working in is temporarily short-staffed, and I'm working lots and LOTS of hours. Working again is good, feeling valued for my abilities (that is, besides cooking, knitting, and laundry) is good, and having a regular paycheck again is very, VERY good.

So that's where I've been for the past month - I've been at work. And I have not been at home knitting, which is why you see no knitting photos in this post. I've got several WIPs - the Holly sweater is languishing and my motivation waning as the outside temperatures start to rise (remember, this IS Texas!). The purple socks (started as Badcaul but may rip and start over with another pattern, this yarn doesn't seem to want to be Badcaul) have not progressed one stitch since I showed them to you in one of my first posts.

And the plain navy blue scarf requested by my dear hubby (what can I say, he's a fashion conservative) will most certainly NOT be ready before it's too hot to wear it. I won't even discuss the pink baby sweater I've started for my new boss, whose wife is due to deliver their first child in six weeks...

So no new photos for you today - no recent knitting at all, and although I like my job, it's not very photogenic. There's hope that my schedule will become a little more normal in the next couple of weeks, so keep your fingers crossed for me - I may actually get back to my knitting soon.