Thursday, December 07, 2006

More backyard eye-candy

I thought those of you getting chilled by frigid temperatures this week might enjoy seeing a bit of summer color, captured at peak bloom. Just out of sight to the left of this azalea bush is our backyard pond - you've already seen pics of some of the gorgeous water lilies we had earlier this year.

As for knitting, you may recall (the name's a subtle hint) that this is a knitting blog... but there's been a dire shortage of knitting-related content lately. Probably because I've been focusing on other things, like job hunting (ugh).

However, there HAS been some knitting goin' on. After much back and forth, I finally decided that the eyelet rib was indeed the way to go with the striped socks, and they're nearing completion. See?

Did you notice the pretty blue stitch marker I'm using just for fun? Rabbitch made it - it was part of the prize I won for contributing to Claudia's MS bike ride. Being charitable is so rewarding.

Also nearing completion (I just love quick little projects!) is the scarf I promised Mom for her birthday (which was only 3 days ago, I'm not THAT late!). Wish I could tell you where I got the yarn - soft handpainted mohair with a shiny peachy strand - but I bought it a couple years ago on eBay and don't have any of the details. Pretty stuff. Wish I could show you - I took a lovely photo of it, but Blogger is being obstinant and won't let me upload it right now. Sigh.

I got smart this year. I'm not knitting ANY presents for Christmas. Two years ago, I kinda went nuts, and knitted six scarves, two pairs of slipper/socks, and a watch cap. All in about three weeks. Won't catch me doing THAT again. I'm actually enjoying both the Christmas preparations AND my knitting this year, since they're totally unrelated. I highly recommend not trying to knit a zillion gifts at the last minute.


Blogger scorpiosity said...

Hi. I just found your blog and am very excited to find another native Louisiana knitter. I'm also very excited to keep reading your blog. Mine is relatively new, as well. Good luck with the upcoming holidays and the job search.


7:48 AM  

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